Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fresh Office supplies

My second little accomplishment from the long holiday weekend was to make office work  a little more interesting. and it was a little something extra I slipped into my nieces Easter baskets..... blinged out paper clips. (Both of them working their first jobs out of college. One is an engineer and one is a sr. bank teller)  
NaBloPoMo April 2013
An added benefit is they were quick and cheap to make! It took a quick trip to Michael's Craft Store and to  Office Depot, 10 minutes of work, and then drying overnight. 

I learned from watching Nikki on You Tube here. She used a hot glue gun, while I used craft glue (it dries clear). But I will try hot glue next time.... and there will be a next time as I also handed out some at work, send some to my husband's secretary, and of course, I kept some at work and at home.  Next batch will go to Women's Bible Study group and my Sunday School class!

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gin said...

Cute. Love the bling!

Pegi said...

Very creative and sparkly ! They remind me of 'old-time' baby diaper pens - with the colorful pink/blue tops - - although you are probbaly too young to remember ! :>)