Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Sunday Routine

Based on the NY Times "My Sunday Routine" feature here
I like to get up about 6:00 and leisurely make breakfast, putter around the house, reading the paper, washing clothes. This morning I made banana bread before church and baked chicken breasts for tonight's chicken stir fry.  Sunday's don't always happen this way. Sometimes, I sleep as late as I can, get dressed in a hurry, eat breakfast at McDonald's and race to the 8:30 service. But I try to avoid the crazy rush on Sunday morning.

We take separate vehicles because I stay and teach Sunday School and my husband leaves after service.

After Sunday School and visiting with everyone, I leave church about 11:15. I sometimes stop for a quick trip to the grocery store for milk or drug store for makeup, but its always a quick stop.  I've usually done major shopping on Friday or Saturday.

We sometimes go out to lunch or meet friends, but usually I cook a big meal on Sunday, then eat leftovers, cereal or yogurt for dinner. I get busy cooking, packing some up for lunch at work and cleaning the kitchen. Today my husband had to go to work, so I had left over brown rice and friends with an avocado and a mango and then ate too much banana bread.

I start planning next week's Sunday School lesson. We are hitting the highlights in Genesis. Today was creation to Noah. Next week is Abraham and Sarah.  I usually throw in a load of clothes or two, read the NY Times on line (the Sunday routine is my favorite), then settle down on the couch or lay in bed to watch TV shows I missed during the week (I watch Suburgatory and Nashville on demand, and DVR Kimberly's Simple Southern and Trisha's Southern Kitchen)

roses from my yard
You can hardly stand in the kitchen
it smells so good. bouquet from
around my yard

I love to take a Sunday nap, but it doesn't happen every week. If I working on a project (cleaning the bedroom, organizing the upstairs closets, work I brought home), and want to stay awake, I take an afternoon trip to Starbucks. Today, I have some office work to finish from home, which meant I enjoyed some Starbucks. My husband came home and watched LSU baseball.

NaBloPoMo April 2013Sunday after dinner is a lot of laying around and sitting on the front porch swing. We fold clothes and towels, I pick out an outfit, get the dry cleaning together, check the gas in the car, on the days I dont eat half a loaf of banana bread, I sometimes go to McDonalds and get a milkshake. Today, I contemplate making some bread pudding, but I decide Ican't eat another bite and will wait until a weeknight. 

I usually do the last of the dishes, pick up the house. I take an early bath and lay in bed reading.

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Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday!