Saturday, June 8, 2013

week in photos

Its shocking that this Hydrangea is doing so well. Its from my maw-maw's house, dug up 15 years ago (by my boyfriend on one of our first dates who is now my husband) and moved/replanted three times. Its also survived two snow falls in this house, and countless abuse by non-care from me. Its pretty impressive its alive, much less thriving. 
The only way I was getting through this week. I had to bribe myself with a reward for getting out of bed and driving to work.  I look a little bit too happy with that ice coffee.

Anniversary dinner at Monjouini's Café. I got baked Ziti with meat sauce, husband got breaded eggplant and pasta 

Seriously?? Its the first week of June. How can it be 94 already?! I'm not ready for this.

An unexpected trip in the middle of my week. A long drive to the little city of Opelousas.

I started wearing my Law School class ring again. I can look down and be reminded that no matter what challenges come, I've got a track record of big accomplishments.

The view from my upstairs window. Its shocking how big this Crepe Myrtle tree has gotten just in the five years we've lived here. I put my desk in front of the window thinking I would enjoy the shade and the birds and I have not been disappointed.

I love J.R. Watkins. Love that it started in the 1860s by one man making it in his home. Love that it was sold by door to door salesmen for more than 100 years. Loved that it is still made in the USA. Love that it is made with natural ingredients and no toxins. Love that it was on sale this week at Target for $3.49 each.

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