Monday, July 22, 2013

A few of my favorite things this summer

Cinnamon Raisin Bread (made from a local bakery):
I just so happen to pass a health food store with a bakery on the way to work. If I get there at 8:00 a.m., I can get a loaf still hot from the oven.  Sometimes, I have to even wait for the loaf to be sliced. All the ingredients are on the label and it contains no chemicals and no sugars! Real bread!  Each week I get a loaf of wheat and a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin. and they are only $3 a loaf!

Bath and Body Works candle in Summertime Smores:
Maybe my favorite candle for summer. Its smoky and sweet smelling at the same time, and when you catch a sale at Bath and Body Works, the big candles are $10 (or less with a coupon).

Southern Living Magazine:
I have read this magazine for years, but in the last few months  it has been better than ever. I think its my favorite magazine.

Blue Bell Fruit Bars:
Its cold and creamy and naturally sweet and, since having some  issues that required me to change my eating habits, this has been taking the place of ice cream in my life. Although they do contain more than just strawberries. I am attempting to transition away from them and make my own fruit pops. In the meantime, this has been standing in the gap.

Oikos Greek Yogurt in Key Lime:
This is something else I eat when I want dessert. Its so cold and thick. It really taste like a delicious dessert.

Wallflowers by Bath and Body Works:
 I've been using Fabreeze plug ins for a long time, but just transitioned to Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. I'm never going back. So far, I love the linen and the lilac for downstairs and the peach and the more floral scents for upstairs, and they are so cheap when on sale.

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad from Wendy's
This summer I'm having a regular Tuesday afternoon date with this salad.  I leave work, run to Wendy's, then to Bible Study. I can't get enough. I love it.

Its shocking how much watermelon we eat in this house. Its not unusual for us to eat four a week. They seem like they've been better than ever this summer.

My front porch swing
We've gotten into a pattern of very hot days, afternoon thunderstorms, then a cooler evening. I've been sitting on the front porch every afternoon. Sometimes with a book, sometimes with a lap top, sometimes with both.

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gin said...

all those make for a great summer. Enjoy!

Katie Did What said...

Yum blue bell fruit bars look so yummy!!! I have been devouring watermelon, too! Great minds think alike ;)

Thanks for linking up!