Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cauliflower soup

So what possessed me to make soup in the middle of July?

It was a powerful storm of feeling particularly energetic one evening after work, too good of an opportunity to get my veggies in (two heads of cauliflower!!) , starting with browned butter, possibly my favorite thing in the whole kitchen, and I got to use my immersion blender.

I ran with it. A chance like this doesn't happen every day.

I have to admit it was also really easy... throw veggies in a pot of chicken stock to boil while you walk away and completely forget it and then, once remembered, stick your blender in for a few minutes and delicious dinner is ready.  

Some disclaimers:

I used chicken stock I had made myself and froze months ago. 
I used a lot of salt and pepper.
The original recipe didn't have carrots in it, but I had them, and threw them in anyway. When the soup gets blended, you cant tell carrots are hiding in there. (more veggies!)
Are you watching this season of Foodnetwork Star? One of my favorite contestants is Nikki, who has a blog here).  

Recipe here.

Appearing next in the kitchen lineup will be this. I have all ingredients, now waiting for the time and the energy to align.

In other news. Royal baby watch in full swing. Latest update is here and here

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gin said...

looks like a creamy soup. yummy.