Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project Number three.... and a theme is emerging

Project Number three finds me back in the laundry room to turn my attention to organize a cabinet.

First row: paper plates, plastic forks, napkins  and cups all in one place (I already had all the bins)

Second row: Probably my proudest accomplishment this weekend. Magazine holders (from Target, the black ones were $5 each and the polka dot ones were $1 each) holding all the  cooking magazines I want to keep  and all loose recipes in one place. All separated by seasons (summer, fall, etc...). This will make looking for a recipe a little easier to find. The black wire basket is for recipes I want to test out.

Third row: dog treats and cleaning rags. I think my candles are going to live behind the cleaning rags.

Fourth row: dog food and large items that can't live elsewhere.

And some things are becoming clear ....

1. The laundry room is getting a disproportional amount of my attention; and
2. In the scheme of tings, these are all pretty small projects that I just hadn't done yet (why don't I do this everyday? Oh. wait.  I know why .... because in addition to this organizational project today I have  prepared for teaching my Sunday School class, caught up on my Women's Bible Study, met friends for lunch, went to the mall to Ulta, Lifeway bookstore, and then to Ross, Starbucks, Walgreens (with coupons!) and the grocery store, then cooked tacos for dinner and cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry,  sat on the porch in the swing watching You Tube, laid on the couch, talked to my sister in law on the phone for 30 minutes, tried to calm a 50 pound dog scared from the fireworks next door, and read an insurance treastie about the direct action statute and I'm exhausted); and
3. All are about hidden organization (corkboards inside a door, shelves behind a door, a cabinet with doors...) and
4. All of these things make me extremely happy.

PS.... that's my grandmother's pink apron hanging beside the cabinet.

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gin said...

The laundry room should be very efficient now with all the projects it received. It looks so neat and organized.