Monday, July 8, 2013

What's for dinner? How about Tacos?

Guess what else I did on my long weekend holiday?  I cooked dinner every night.

Guess what we had for dinner one night?

Its pretty rare I go to the grocery store and just walk around wondering what's for dinner. But I've been doing this more often, probably because I don't have the  extra brain power to devote to thinking up dinner and because it is hot, my husband is just as happy with a bowl of cereal and some cold watermelon every night.

What was it that caught my attention and said tacos at the grocery store? And why don't I make them more often?  They are relatively healthy (we eat ground turkey mixed with 93% lean ground meat), pretty cheap, and quick to make, and there's left overs for lunch the next day.

Plus they are delicious.

But they do mess up the whole kitchen. Or is it just me that messes up the whole kitchen and the tacos have nothing to do with it?

Can you find Butch in the kitchen? If there is a picture to be made, he is usually scurrying to be involved. Or maybe he was scurrying to get a taco for himself?

1 comment:

gin said...

yes to tacos. love them. and yes to I see butch, but just his back leg. I had to look hard to find him. i was looking for his smiling face.