Monday, July 1, 2013

what i'm reading

Reshaping it All
by Candace Cameron Bure

After  my GP,  and then a Gastrologist and then a nutritionist told me the reason for my stomach pain was due to my poor eating habits and it needs to change immediately, I finally gave it a whirl.  I'm sad to report the first thing that had to go was simple sugar and even sadder to say, after two weeks, I feel better without it. I didn't quit totally, but have cut back so much that it is practically out of my everyday diet. Reading things like this helps. Maybe I am late to the party, but I just discovered that I love Candace Cameron Bure. Everything she says makes sense, and its food and health advice from a Biblical view, which makes a big difference. 

What the Bible Says about Healthy Living
by Dr. Rex Russell
I'm afraid the next thing to go from my diet may be processed foods... But I'm not ready. The book is about eating whole foods that God created for you to eat and stop eating chemicals masquerading as food. I'm not quite ready to make these big changes, but reading this helps. Basic principle here: The Lord provided for our needs by his magnificent design of vegetables for our bodies.  I've been attempting to follow the recommendations regarding sugar, he says we can eat sugar God naturally put into foods  but avoid sugars that are changed into toxic products.

A Secret Gift
by Ted Gup
Probably the best book I've read in a long time. Its the true story of one man in Canton, Ohio who anonymously gave 150 families in his community  $5 each during the great depression. Doesn't sound like much, right? But $5 in 1931 would be worth about $100 today. He put an ad in the newspaper asking for families to send a letter to an anonymous PO Box telling him of their circumstances. He then sent them $5. No one ever knew who he was. The letters were found many years later in an old dusty suitcase in an attic  by his grandson, who then investigated the families who received the $5 and told about their lives before, during and after the depression and what that $5 meant to that family. Its kind of long, over 300 pages, but it was a fantastic read.

The First Coast Heritage Cookbook
by Jeffrey Spear
Does a cookbook count as reading? I vote yes. I bought this one on vacation in St. Augustine. Basically about the history of Florida Northeast from 1513 until now and what foods each culture brought to Florida with them. Its fascinating to think about what everyday foods we have that were originally brought over on a ship by another people.  The cookbook also tells us how each culture prepared the food and introduced it to North America.

by Jon Acuff
This book was highly recommended by Dave Ramsey, and written from a Christian viewpoint. Its the book my "business bookclub" is reading. I've only read  through Chapter 4. I keep putting it down and delay in picking it back up. Not a good sign. Its a good book, but  its not my favorite. I think its geared more to a younger person, not someone in the middle of a professional career. But, having said that, I will finish the book and probably will learn a few things. Then, I will give it to my niece who just graduated from college.


gin said...

I wish I read more. In my book, you're a bookworm. That's a good thing.

Pegi said...

I always fall asleep as I'm reading !