Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday dinner

How did it get to be Sunday evening, already?

Where does the weekend go?

I barely turned around and it's Sunday evening, and I'm in the kitchen making something to bring to lunch next week.

As quick healthy dinners go, this one is right up there near the top.

There is really no recipe. You just throw whatever veggie you have, in with whatever pasta you have and add whatever protein and cheese.

Today it was cheese filled wheat tortellini  with squash, zucchini, creole cherry tomatoes, turkey sausage  and Parmesan cheese.

Pretty easy with enough daylight left to water the Hibiscus when I made a new little (lost) friend.

His name is Mr. Bo Jangles.

I wanted to keep him, but instead called the number on his tag and returned him to a very happy 4 year old girl.

One day, I'm going to have a furry friend walk up who can actually stay. 

1 comment:

gin said...

what a cute furry new friend. your dish looks delicious.