Thursday, June 27, 2013

melting meatballs

doesn't that sound delicious? melting meatballs.....

unbelievably, late one night I found this recipe and realized I had all the ingredients  but the ground meat and immediately ran out to the store to get the lean hamburger meat. I was the last customer they let in before closing.

and it was worth it.  These are delicious.

and very easy.

mix two pounds of meat with breadcrumbs and a can of evaporated milk,  make meatballs and pour  a can of cream of chicken soup mixed with dry onion soup mix and water. Bake for one hour and serve with pasta or rice.

what I would do different next time:
  • Only use 1 1/2 pounds meat because this makes a lot (and make more gravy)
  • Make smaller meatballs
  • Use more seasoning the meatballs
  • Try these in the crockpot
recipe  is from Cooking Up North here

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