Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday daybook

Outside my window: Its hot. Like, really hot. Like, it is 100 degrees every afternoon and nothing but humidity and afternoon rain for the last week. Great for the Camellias, not so much for my hair. The good news is... well, there is no good news.

I am thinking: Having high school and jr. high school girls combined in Sunday School is almost overwhelming... and loud.... but I love them all.

In the kitchen:  In an effort to act like an adult get more veggies and eat less like a 14 year old, I'm experimenting. First up, roasted chickpeas (recipe here) not my favorite. I'd rather eat some chips. But chips make me feel bad. I'm in a pickle. More experimenting to follow.

In the kitchen, part two: My favorite hot weather breakfast, whatever is freshest fruit thrown into some yogurt and honey.

I am wearing: white skirt from Etc... and purple short sleeve cardi from vacation shopping at Ann Taylor.

Around the house:  Instead of coming home and lounging around, I've started to immediately change clothes, set a timer and clean, pick up and generally tidy for one hour. Its making a huge difference and makes me feel very productive. 

I am thinking: about watching the new show Under the Dome. I don't follow too many TV shows. I'm not sure I can commit. It looks interesting, though. (are you going to watch it?)

I am reading: History in my backyard  disappearing. Example one, grave yards in Leesville, here, example two, Manchac Pass lighthouse, here. When I was dating my husband he took me out on a boat to see the lighthouse. Now, its completely gone. Its sad.

I am reading, part two: Don't go to the cosmetic counter without me by Paula Begoun Its a massive book (over 1000 pages) and reviews a lot of brand name cosmetics. I don't agree with every assessment, but its interesting to use as a resource and look up different things and get a professional opinion of things I'm thinking of trying.

I am going: to do the 22 day challenge from I am Second (here). The requirements: sign up with an e-mail address, watch one film a day that is e-mailed to you, send the film to someone who comes to mind, and pray for your city. Today, I watched this video.

Plans for my week: Starting a new women's Bible Study. We're doing Gideon from Priscilla Shirer


gin said...

I am keeping up with an online Gideon study under Woman's Chat Cafe. I like the white skirt. And of course the hot weather.

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Love you and miss you! Thanks for keeping us updated on here. :)