Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five

1. Guess where I found a makeup sale?  The grocery store. I couldn't resist.

2. What I'm reading part one: Book about the first year in the life of the Duchess

3. Slowly turning my attention to the master bathroom. I'm looking for a sunny but not overpowering yellow. The one on top is Warm Summer and the one on bottom is Summer Smile. I don't  think either is the one for me. 

4. What I'm reading part two: Yikes. The same chemical compound use to make Silly Putty is used to make McDonalds French Fries (here)

5. Watching this you tube video from Dr. Tony Evans. Powerful.

1 comment:

gin said...

I am sure the make up isle was calling your name, loudly! The bathroom will have a dramatic pretty change with those colors.