Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the last few weeks

Valentine day lunch with my cousin included fried okra with ranch to dip. It was delicious.

I've gotten into the nightly habit of making hot chocolate before bed, and if I'm home in the afternoons, I add coffee to it. Probably not the best use of my calories.

Valentine's eve. I spent $20 at the grocery store and made 5 bouquets, for friends and secretaries.

A little candy for the two boys next door. Its a miracle it got delivered and I didn't eat it all myself.

My birdbath iced over, which meant the whole city shut down and I stayed inside for two days.

Unfortunately, shopping makes me feel better so I've seen a lot of dressing rooms lately. This one is at The Gap. I got a new pair of jeans (the sexy boot).

First Camilla bloom this year. Of course, it immediately came inside.

Look what I found in the Whole Foods bathroom. Fresh flowers. Its very fancy.

Talbot's dressing room. Shopping for winter wear for a trip to Boston. The best part is late February, everything is 75% off. These gloves were $4 at Talbot's!

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Pegi said...

Enjoy your trip to "Boston" - - What a Blessing ! Have you rehearsed the accent !