Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My 72 hours in Boston

A lot of Dunkin Donuts * beautiful but cold day at Plymouth Rock* the Old South Meeting House, where the Boston Tea Party began *straight off a long plane ride* at Mayflower II * visited Paul Revere and John Hancock's grave* Quincy Market * flowers in the Boston airport makes travel a little brighter * the famous
"make way for ducklings" * mmmmmm......... Irish Stew on a cold day * spent a great deal of time in the Boston airport, at least I found a comfy spot* Strangely, everyone did not know my name * Boston Public Gardens * high above the snow storm, it was beautiful blue sky (might be a lesson there?)


gin said...

great pictures of you. you have the best long weekend trips. you pack a lot into 72 hours. looks fun and interesting.

Pegi said...

Looks like you truly enjoyed those cold temps - - lots of activity! Looks like a Great Adventure!

Pegi said...

Love the pictures - although it was FREEZING, I'm glad you were able to have an adventurous vacation. Glad you enjoyed. Welcome Home!