Monday, June 30, 2014

ULTA haul

I love a good day in Ulta and here is photographic evidence that its possible to walk in and not spend an entire arm and leg and leave with half the store (like I usually do...). 

And I'm pretty proud of myself for buying the nude palette from Maybelline for $9.99 (a review here) instead of the more famous nudes for $54.  Where did this good sense some from?

And I bought the "they're real" mascara trial size for $10 instead of the regular size for $23.

I really wanted the "they're real" push up eyeliner but, its $24. I'm pretty confident I'll get my mitts on a sample size soon, in Burchbox or Ipsy.

Do I really need another covergirl outlast 24 hour lipstick? Obviously not. But it was on clearance for $4.28 and I wish I would have bought an additional one. I hear they are somewhat re-formulating it (explanation and video review here), but I'm happy to have the "old" one, especially at less than half price.

Even the foot cream was the Ulta store brand but not cheap at $9.00.

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