Tuesday, July 1, 2014

what I ate Wednesday

Day started off extremely well with a big bowl of berries, walnut and greek yogurt but when a friend called for lunch, it very quickly went downhill. Lunch was fried orka with ranch and a bacon cheese burger at Burgersmith. (In my defense, I ate half the burger and no fries)

Have you heard of crispy fruit? I'm addicted. Its just real fruit freeze dried with nothing else at all. Its crunchy and 40 calories per bag. I eat at least one bag an afternoon.

Starbucks ice coffee. Its $4.33 at the grocery store. At first I thought it was too much for just ice coffee, but quickly realize I'm spending almost that much at Starbucks everytime I go. and having it in the fridge makes it easier.

Got around to a healthy dinner. Steaming a lot of veggies and rice on Sunday and eating through the week works for me and grilled teriyaki chicken thighs (grilled and ready. I'm a fan).

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gin said...

Sounds like a perfectly well rounded 3-meal affair. Yes, I've seen the crispy frozen fruit. But I don't think I can do that. People chomping on Ice is like nails on the chalkboard, and I can't eat that. But everything else gets an A+