Sunday, November 9, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

You can see more weekly menus here.

I'm tired.

My menu is tired.

So instead of me telling you what I am planning this week....why don't you tell me what you are planning for dinner this week?

And tell me how you do dinner.... do you plan a week's dinner each Sunday? Do you go to the grocery store each day or once a month? Do you go to the cheapest? Shop weekly sales? Use coupons? Pay a little more for a closer/less crowded store? Cook ahead and freeze dinners for later? How often do you try new recipes? Eat dinner early or late? Does your husband help cook? Do you just cook the same things over and over?

I'll go first.

I usually shop at Winn-Dixie, a little more expensive but a nicer/less crowded store with almost no check out lines. I figure the money I pay is for the time (and my own sanity) I am saving. I do fight the crowds at Wal-Mart for non-food items like dish soap and paper towels, things that can be stocked up.

I usually plan one week of menus at a time, usually in my head only, and I spend a little time looking at the sale ad and going through my coupons in preparation for my Friday evening after work trip to Winn-Dixie (The store is closer to work than home- easier to do on my way home each Friday).

I would like to try new recipes once a week, but its typically every other Saturday when I have more time to spend in the kitchen. If it goes well, the new dish is added to the line up.... but it still feels like I just cook the same things over and over.

It works best for me to cook a big dinner each Sunday, use the leftovers for a casserole during the week, get something in the crockpot and freeze left overs for later. I sometimes cook extra on Sunday just to freeze a meal for later.

My people like to eat dinner early (5:30p to 6:00p), and Husband mastered a few dishes of his own and will cook occasionally, especially the things I cant cook, like fish. He is really good at helping me cook. For instance, I can make something in the morning before work, put in fridge with directions, and he will get home first, finish the dish and/or put the casserole in oven. Of course, this helps greatly, but still requires me to be on top of things to get it prepared in the first place.

But why is it that when I get busy, the menu planning is the first thing to go, and I am left staring into the fridge, hungry and tired (and cranky and gumpy), at 7:00 p.m?

I need some new ideas.

Seriously, I want to know what goes on at your house for dinner.

Spill it.

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Maybe you would like to do your own post and tell us to come visit in the comments?


gin said...
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Melanie said...

I shop at Publix and usually leave my coupons at home sitting on the counter or out in the cupholder of my van. Really, I need to do better on the coupon-ing. We don't have any grocery stores in my area that ever double coupons. No one cooks in my house but me. One Fine Man can bake a frozen pizza but that's about it! I try to have dinner ready between 5:30 and 6:00. Fortunately my mother was the queen of preparing a delicious meal in about 30 minutes - sorry Rachael Ray, you were not the first in that department- so I learned a lot from her. We usually have to leave the house by 8:30 on Sunday mornings (due to ministry responsibilites) so unless I get up really early or put the crockpot on Saturday night, then I do a 30 minute meal. Today I fixed salmon patties, green beans and mac & cheese - made the cheese sauce. I would like to plan better but usually I try to have enough ingredients in the freezer and pantry to put a quick meal together. I included a link about a Tex Mex dish I make when I have limited time and haven't planned well - for me, the usual! I added you to my blogroll. I know your area well...I used to live in Pascagoula.

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Bobbie~ I'm working on being better at this! For now, I make a menu plan for about 2 weeks at a time, then I rarely ever keep to it! So, it's a one day at a time kind of thing. I try to keep the kitchen and freezer stocked with things that can be pulled together into different meals. (Like I said, I'm working on this.)

A favorite quick meal we enjoy is a "special salad". I cook a pkg. of Tyson popcorn chicken and serve it on a bed of lettuce with mandrine oranges, nuts, and crutons (and anything else I can find in the cabinets). Even my children eat this.

I shop at Aldi, Kroger, and Wal-Mart, and never remember to bring my coupons. (Working on this, too.) :-)

gin said...

ok, come visit me. I shop at Piggly Wiggly because it's convenient and I know where everything is. My husband only helps in the kitchen when he is cooking out side on the fryer or on the grill. I like to clip coupons, but never have them when I get in the store. I only do a big grocery shopping a couple times a month. I really don't like to grocery shop. I like to do new recipes when I have time and am all alone. We eat about 6pm on week days. I usually just plan my meals a few days in advance, sometimes just the night before when I take something out of the freezer to thaw. I need to get organized with my menu planning.

Sharon said...

Well, Friday night I went to BJ's with my mom, she had her basket and I had mine. I like going there once in awhile because of the way I can buy things, instead of paying 4.00 for 3 cans of tuna, I pay 5.69 for 8 cans. I am a good shopper when I go into these stores, but I had been saving money for the last 2 mths not going to the other stores so I could go for the big spend. About my hubby cooking, he can do breakfast, but even that I would rather not. I finally taught him how to cook on the grill, and now he claims he's a PRO hahahaha!
I mostly shop at winn dixie but really pre-fer publix, I don't buy dried beans from winn dixie they have bugs in them. But I do like there meat specials, and other certain stuff.
I am buying some extra stuff and packing it away, I am concerned of this depression, so I have lots of rice, dried beans (I keep in my other refrigerator) and Mom and I checked all dates on all the can stuff we bought, and some of that is also being set aside.
Now about dinner for the week, I really don't plan it out, but I do think about all the stuff I can make for the week and then go from there, or I open the freezer and go this sounds good tonight. Sometimes I will know 3 or 4 things for the week.

Tonight I am having stuffed shells
and salad (Monday)
tomorrow I think chicken tacos
Wednesday ????
Thursday I know I am having Parmesian crusted tiliapia--broccoli--cranberry sauce.. nummie!
Friday-- ????
I do cook things and put in the freezer, I do not waste for sure.

Do you like turnip greens, I made turnip green soup last weekend in my slow cooker, gave some away to family and I have 4 bowls in the freezer.
you can use dryed or can navy beans
1 can 8oz turnip greens --the seasoned ones are better
alittle onion, bell pepper, garlic, cumin, Ham, pepper, watch the salt, because of the ham. alittle vinegar. I also added some potato's and 1 smalll can of tomato sauce, Nummieeeee

love coming here on Mondays! I got to go see Joyce Meyer this weekend sooo much fun, I was blessed all weekend!
I put pictures up if you would like to see.
Be blessed my friend

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Bobbie - Gee, I could have written your post...I usually plan everything in my head (a scary place to be, but that's another story). I plan one week at a time. I only shop the rock-bottom store, Reams, for fresh produce, because they get theirs from local farmers and the prices are the cheapest. I go medium-priced, for want of a better word, for the rest, because actually their sales are better and they send me regular coupons and give me a discount on gas from their gas station.

H.m.m.m. What shall I have this week?

Monday - Baked Garlic Chicken, broccoli and carrots, mashed potatoes

Tuesday - Chicken Soup, with whole wheat noodles and homemade bread, salad

Wednesday - Something with ground beef....

Thursday - Some type of pasta

Friday - Something else...

I tell you what! I will go think this out and get it together, then I will come back and link you to my blog.

Ha - ha! Sorry I wasn't too helpful.

God bless,

Amy said...

With just the two of us now, I just plan menus to have the same thing Mon and Tues., then something Wed. and Thursday, and eat out Friday. That way I am only cooking a couple times a week and using leftovers every other day. It really works out well for two people. I still tend to cook for four, but I think I am getting a little better cutting down the portions. I also use the crock pot a lot! Amy :)

Pegi said...

All of your menu planning recipees are wonderful and I enjoy reading them ! (looking forward to actually getting into my kitchen and cooking.) But, my family has always labeled as the 'non-chef'. :)

Currently, I care for my elderly dad and his routine is to eat @ 5:30 pm - - and now with the cool weather and time change he elects to go to bed @ 7:30 pm (he is 88 and says 'he needs his rest" :) SInce I do not get home until 5:20 or 5:30 - - and to keep wth his schedule, I go to Piccadilly for him Mon - Thurs and get him his 'heart's desire' - then on Fri - it's 'fried fish dinner' at a local restaurant - and then almost every Saturday the community has a 'jambalaya benefit' in which he loves - - - and - and they serve an 'abundance' helping. Then on Sunday - we have lunch together after church.

These are his choices - so I go with 'his heart's desire'.

This works for my dad and I - - so this is my 'menu planning' for now.

Danielsen5 said...

We get paid every two weeks, so we shop every two weeks. I live in a small town about 20 minutes from the nearest Wal-mart, but don't like shopping there. I try to get as much localy as I can, at the Piggly Wiggly and the new Dollar General Market. Then I get things like I can't get at home, like organic/health food items.

Tried to do the coupon thing, but they never seem to be for items we use. I buy almost no pre-prared, canned or packaged food. Best day of my life was when my twins were potty trained!

I already posted my menu on my blog, come over to visit and "follow" me at

Blessings, Beth Ann

LillyB said...

You know it is just me at home grown up and moved out and Boaz hasn't arrived yet...(still hoping and praying!) so I eat simple. sometimes I don't make great choices but I try to eat vegetables at least twice a week at a local country buffet. I used to prepare menu's when the kids were home and they helped alot. It takes a lot more engineering now that prices are so high but it can be done! God is our source!! I do love your blog though!!!