Saturday, January 31, 2009

Notes on Chapter one- Are you Frazzled?

Did you get the Frazzled Female Bible study book? You really don't need it to follow along here, but realize that this is a very abbreviated version of my notes on the book, and does not do justice to the study.

Chapter 1 Martha gets a bad rap.... Luke 10:38-42

You know the story.

Martha was running around like a crazy woman while Mary was sitting at Jesus' feet. When she could take it no longer, Martha went to Jesus in a huff- and demanded- tell Mary to help me!! Instead of getting what she was looking for, Jesus said Mary was making the right choice.


Poor Martha... getting rebuked from Jesus like that, and having it recorded for us for all of history. Its easy for us to point the finger at Martha for all she was doing wrong... But, remember.... Jesus didn’t really say that Martha was doing anything wrong- only that she was stressed out and that Mary had instead, chosen to do what was better. He was telling Martha she had a choice.

When Martha was busy working in the kitchen, she was practicing her gift of hospitality and doing what she had been called to do- good things- using her spiritual gifts and serving God by serving food and giving rest. But she just got so busy doing the good things and serving God that she failed to take time for the best thing which was spending time with Jesus and growing their relationship.

And it is obvious that they had a relationship.

Did you notice how Martha spoke to Jesus? She was so bold! Marching in there to interrupt his teaching. They had to know each other, to be good friends. Martha had to have sat at Jesus' feet in the past and probably planned to sit with him and learn after she finished preparing the meal and a place for him and disciples.

But Martha was so busy doing other things- things that had to be done! And Martha had so much to do! And Martha did not have any help! And Martha was stressed out!

Can you put your name in there instead of Martha's?

Maybe Jesus was rebuking Martha’s service in her own power - service without Jesus fueling you is exhausting and hopeless and INEFFECTIVE and just puts you in a bad mood FAST and makes you look at what others are doing or not doing thus taking your focus off of GOD and you start pointing fingers.

Who of us have not been there before- or maybe everyday?

I think Jesus was telling Martha three things:
∙ Worship before work
∙ Don’t over do it in service- even if it is to him
∙ You have a choice to spend time with him first and let him fuel you for service

TODAY, we are not busy making food for Jesus and his disciples, but ...

What are you busy doing?

What are you choosing to do instead of spend time with Jesus?

What is keeping you from spending time with Jesus each day?

What are you stressed out about each day?

What are you trying to do in your own power?

Summing up Chapter 1, God gives you gifts and talents and he wants you to use them to help others but your chief blessing does not come from what you are doing (even if it is service to God) but from your relationship with him. You can only develop and strengthen a relationship by choosing to spend time with him.... letting him give you direction and fuel- and it is your choice whether to spend time with him or to do other things.

Need a little extra help to spend time with Him? Consider joining the 5:16 a.m. club here.

Next: Chapter 2: Attitude Check. Read Philippians 4:4-16.


Julie said...

thanks for sharing... good stuff!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

I do think Martha got a bad rap. Too many people use that passage to say that bustling around doing "works" is bad. But it's not! Some people are truly gifted in taking care of the details and hospitality. I love how it's put here - worship BEFORE work. There is still work to be done.

Anyway, to answer your questions, I definitely see myself in that passage. "Tyler had so much to do." Um-hmmmm. Worship before work....

B. said...

ET- that was the point exactly!! Dont you already love the Frazzled Female Bible Study!!!

gin said...

I want to strive to be more like Mary and let things go and just stop and put everything else aside and just worship. Then take time for work.

Darlene said...

Great post! I started this study a couple of years ago. I am going to look for my book and hope to follow along with ya.

Pegi said...

hi - You are a great teacher of this study ! What have I already learned from this study: -definitely put HIM first - - even before the TV - - and just give HIM first place - that is due him.

gin said...

Can't we still be Martha and worship while we are busy with what must be done?