Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My notes on Chapter Three of The Frazzled Female Bible Study

Have you been rushing around? Busy, busy, busy? on the run all day? Not getting as much accomplished as you think you should? Ever said, I just don't have enough time? Or, I guess the real question is.... how many times have you said I don't have enough time?!

Sit down in a quiet spot and find a minute for yourself to list your "job titles" and the things that you are responsible for. seriously. Write it down.

My list looks something like this: wife, employee, house keeper, cook, decorator, gardener, member of Sunday school class, leader of women's Bible study, blogger, member of church food ministry, mentor, leader of annual Women's conference.... and probably a few other things I may have missed.

Now, take another minute to think about the things you just wrote down. Everything you wrote down means that is what you do with your time.

How does it make you feel?

Ask this question and then go around the room in any Bible study and you will hear these answers: tired, stressed, grumpy, rushed, scattered, frazzled, Some mornings, I feel tired before getting out of bed.

Is it a good feeling?

Is this how God created you to feel?

is this what He wants for you?

Can you be your most effective feeling this way?

What do we need to help us get over this problem?

I know we think we need more time. But more time really is not the answer.

Chapter three of the Frazzled Female Bible Study points out that we all have 24 hours each day and we get the choice of how to use that 24 hours. God will not bless you for doing the things he has not called you to do- even if it is good things you are doing.

Look again at the list of all your activity and what you are doing.

Is it all things that God has called you to do? or is it things you have put on the list yourself?

Before you take on one more thing... look at that list and say to yourself...

1. Did God call me and equip me to do this? Is this something God wants me to do? Even if it is a good thing, is it what God has given ME to do? or did I call myself to this job?

2. What am I doing right now that will suffer if I say yes to something else.... am I willing to spend less time with my husband, less time at work, less time in bible study, to take on this new activity?

3. Am I using the 24 hours that God gave me wisely?


because we all have a certain amount of things that we must do each you have any tips to share about how to spend your time wisely?

I have found that if the last thing I do before I go to bed each night is wipe down the kitchen counters, put a load of dishes in dishwasher and put load of clothes in washer, then the first thing I do each morning is unload dish washer and put wet clothes into dryer then fold before leaving for work, the kitchen is always clean and the clothes are not piled up.

Your turn. Share your time saving tip.