Saturday, December 12, 2009

Further proof that I am really 80 years old.....

...I have been talking about the weather A LOT lately.

Its been very cold and raining. So much so that Friday's lunch hour was spent at JC Penny buying a sweater to put over the turtleneck I left the house in. The store was packed and the dressing rooms taken. I ended up standing in front of a three way mirror just trying on sweaters, until I found the one I wanted (this one, in red), tore the tag off and brought it by itself to the register.

Then, just because I am crazy, I decided that 15 minutes was plenty of time to go to Lifeway Christian Book Store and then to the furniture store to look at couches.

I did (eventually) return to work, only to leave to meet my friend for an early dinner at 4 p.m.... yes at 4 p.m...... with all the other 80 year olds.

My friend has had a traumatic year, the kind of things that make you want to reach out and help, but there is nothing you can do, except meet her for dinner at 4:00 p.m. on some random afternoon that she wants to leave her office early and then set up some chicken fingers, fries, gumbo, fried mushrooms and chocolate pie between you.

Its been a hard year for several of my friends. Unbelievably hard. As I look around my nice house, warm and happy, I certainly have nothing to complain about, but disappointing things have happened to me this year too.

Makes me look forward to the new year, a new clean, fresh start. I don't typically make new year's resolutions.... but I've been thinking of one this year and I have finally settled on... keeping the car clean. I don't know why this is so hard for me to keep the car clean. I keep my house clean, keep myself and clothes clean (not withstandng the numerous coffee spills and the coffee/diet coke/grey suit incident of 2009), but when it comes to the car, I just fall down.

This book I am reading tells a story about an executive that before he makes the decision to hire someone in a high ranking position with his company, he schedules the second interview, only to invite them to breakfast out of the office. The catch is, they have to drive. This allows the executive to see the way they keep their car as well as how well they make small talk in an informal setting such as a surprise breakfast. I think the point being that your car represents what is really going on with you life.

So, I guess I should devote myself to the few small things I have some control over in life, keeping a clean car. As well as asking for gift certificates to the car wash. Or, better yet... begging others to just come pick up my car and take it to the car wash.

Oh wait... is that another sign that I am really 80? Me, at the vacuums on Saturday morning, searching for quarters and spraying air freshener on all the seats?

Then hitting the yard sales.


E. Tyler Rowan said...

No worries, I'm right behind you at 75!

I like your new year's resolution. It's a good, solid concept that you can actually DO. Not like mine - lose a million pounds, be beautiful, love others, be perfect, and never grow tired. ;)

Pegi said...

Sounds like u r ready for the New Year - May you have a very Blessed 2010.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I agree - how you keep your car seems to reflect how you see your life. But I'm the same as you - mine is a mess.