Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I need some advice.... alteratively titled... stop me before I buy something else.

Do you have a krups?

Do you love it? Use it all the time? Is it a hassle to make one cup at a time? Is the coffee really good and fresh?

In other words.... tell me why I should or should not buy this thing.


gin said...

No, do not buy.

tammi said...

Sorry, can't help you. One cup at a time is a bit of a joke around here ~ nothing less than 4 cups even makes sense!!

patty said...

how funny that we should connect when you are asking this question! i have a $99 krups, 2 cup espresso maker that my sister gave me as a wedding gift in 1991. i use it AT LEAST once daily (making 2-3 iced lattes daily). i've broken the krafts, and the seal must be going b/c it lets a lot of steam out of the top... but, sister, i LOVE that little machine. i say buy it!! :)
thanks for stopping by today!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

I dunno. How often throughout the day do you think, "Hmmmm, if I could just whip up a cup of coffee right now?" If you think that at least 3 times, then it might be worthwhile. Personally, I think 1 cup at a time would drive me mad.

Pegi said...

Definitely do not buy - bcuz - Santa might bring it to you :> Peg