Monday, May 16, 2011

If its Monday

Then we're eating RB&R. Everyone is eating RB&R. The special at every restaurant today is red beans and rice. Why? Typically Monday in New Orleans is laundry day and red beans need no attention, leaving you free to do laundry all day.... or go to work all day.

There are a lot fancier recipes  (like this one). But this is how I cook dinner (on Monday) in 3 minutes or less.

Get out the crockpot.

Put in one pound of dried red kidney beans
(sometimes I mix red kidney beans and red beans, sometimes I don't)

Add one package of Zatarain's seasoning, and throw in anything else you may have laying around... garlic, onion, green bell pepper....
Cover with twice as much water as beans,

cut up some sausage (or throw in some ham),
put on low and leave for work.

8 to 10 hours later, drag self home to make rice and fix self a big bowl.

Shake on a little Tony Chacheres.

Box it up in smaller portions for the freezer and lunch for later, or for a sick neighbor, or for a last minute call from the food ministry.

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gin said...

yum. the best. love 'em.