Thursday, January 10, 2013

More things I regret buying- Dollar Store edition

Danish Wedding Cookies from Keebler ($3.29 Dollar Store)

I mistakenly thought these were these same cookies from Archway.  The ones I am wild about that they only sale  for a few short weeks around Christmas time.  I was pretty excited to see these in the Dollar Store, but my excitement was very short lived. I immediately realized they were nothing like the wedding cookies you only see at Christmas. The whole box went to work where they were eaten by the secretaries.
Loreal Clear Artiste eye makeup remover ($6.00 Dollar Store)

I've used Lancome eye makeup remover for as long as I can remember, but, I can not deny,  it is expensive. I was roaming around the Dollar Store when I saw this bottle for $6 and thought I'd give it a try. I'm sad to say it is not as good as the Lancome one. It burns and stings my eyes and it removes eye makeup but not mascara.  I am disappointed, and even sadder I missed the Lancome gift with purchase sale. So now, I have to wait until the next one rolls around before getting the makeup remover I really want.

Oil of Olay Classic Cleaner ($3.00 Dollar Store)

First, let me just confess that I don't like Oil of Olay and I  never have! I've tried to use it  for many years but I just don't like it.  But, I occasionally still try it. I see all the advertisements and get sucked in and decide I never gave it a fair chance, and I try it again only to discovery that I still don't like it.  That's basically the story here.  This didn't do much for me. It feels really thin and water-y and I didn't feel like my makeup was really off.

Oil of Olay Night Cream  ($5.00 Dollar Store)

Another one that is completely my own fault. I saw the night cream and thought I'd give it another go. The packaging is small, pink and it was relatively cheap. I have dry skin and this didn't do much for me. I will keep it and use it when I run out of the one I really like and I'm waiting for my order from Ulta to come in.

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Anonymous said...

Blog hopping - I know exactly how you feel - I hate wasting money no matter how much or how little!

Sandy said...

Yes, some things in the dollar store
are worth what you pay for. But, what kind of Dollar Store are you shopping
at? Your prices are higher than a
Dollar? The Green Cleaner is about
the only thing that is worth the Dollar...
Good Post