Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19: My favorite blogs

Simple Thoughts of Paige Knudsen
A glimpse into her life with four teenage girls, a photography business, selling Noonday, and a big dog.

Honey we're healthy
She cooks real food, and has a schedule similar to mine. She cooks like I do, a big batch of something to take to lunch at work several days. I found one of my favorite recipes here, hot chicken salad.

Cooking up North
Everything this girl cooks looks simple and do-able, but still impressive and everything I have tried has been delicious! and she cooks A LOT!

Susie Davis- The Good News Girl
I just really like her.

Shari Braendel: Good girls don't have to dress bad
A Christian author and speaker with some real fashion advice. It helps that she is almost 6 foot tall (like me) with similar coloring, so whatever looks good on her, I know it will look good on me. I love her book and have given it as gifts to my nieces and my friends.

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