Monday, December 31, 2007

Have I mentioned Im moving?

The last few hours of 2007 are here as are the last hours I will spend in this house. Its a fresh start all the way around.

Although fresh starts are wonderful, there are a few things I will miss about this house.

I had found the perfect spot in the living room for my favorite big chair. It was in a corner near the very large livng room window where I could look out into the Sunshine of the front yard and see the activity in the neighborhood and the birds on the grass. From the same spot, I could also look across the room through the dining room window at my dog in the back yard and the roses on the fence. I loved that spot. I hope the new owners discover how special that spot is.

I will also miss the patio- it was a long narrow patio that was similar to a New Orleans style courtyard, with the brick wall of the house as one of the patio walls. I regret that I did not take advantage of the space more- I was always looking for just the perfect piece of iron work to hang on the brick wall and just the perfect flowers to plant at the end where the grass began. Instead, that brick wall stood empty and the flowers were not planted. But it made me happy to see the courtyard patio every time I came in or left by the kitchen door. I hope it makes the lady who lives here next just as happy.

I am surprised that I am a little sad to be leaving this house, I am also excited to discover what favorite spots I will find in my new home.

After all, it really was not that large living room window or the brick patio wall that made me so happy. I loved this house so much because it was this house where I returned to from my honeymoon, and it was the place where I returned each night, where my husband greeted me warmly as I came through the door at the end of the day, and where he would sweetly bring me breakfast and coffee in bed on the weekends. This house was opened to friends and family, sheltered loved ones, and was filled with love and acceptance, sharing and generosity.

Those things- the only important things in life- will be moving with us to the new house.

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