Monday, June 16, 2008

A new week has begun

A new week that finds me with a freshly painted yellow upstairs bedroom (that took three coats). This is the window seat area:

Once the flooring is in, this will be my office, and this will be my view. I will love looking at the blooming Crepe Myrtle outside the window, and will probably just sit and look at the trees and not get any work done. I hope the birds come to visit.

A new week and new closet storage for purses.

Not the best looking ..... it was originally meant to hold heavy items in the garage, but it works for purses. Even my husband mentioned that it was not very attractive. But, no more purses falling from the high shelf on my head.

A new week has also found me with a new committment that this was the last weekend that you will find me in the grocery store. Shopping on a weekday evening has to be less painful, I'll have to see.


ET said...

I am really in love with the yellow shade in that room! What is it?

Also, I'm back from my mountain email me all your thoughts and questions about women's ministry. :)

Darlene said...

I like the shelf for the purse hanger. My daughter has like what seems a million purses. This would help her so much to organize her purses. Thanks for the tip!

I am sure if you put a bird feeder close to the window you will see lots of birds.