Friday, June 6, 2008

Vacation #3

Every year we plan our vacation around our anniversary. Its kind of an anniversary present to each other, as well as something to look forward to. The first thing I will do when I get back to work is to put on the calender that I will be out the first week of next June!

I Bought a cookie jar- handmade in Mexico- at the San Antonio Market:

and a flower pot-

We like to go somewhere we have never gone before, and we take turns picking. It was my turn to pick. This year, we spent a week in San Antonio, Texas, and tried to see a lot of indoor attractions (like the outlet malls) because it was hot.

I mean it was HOT.

The official cow greeter at the LBJ Presidential Memorial Park/museum:

My husband kept saying, what do you expect going to South Texas in the summer?

Well, I didn't expect it to be 101.

Admired the wildflowers at America's largest wildflower farm in Fredricksburg, Tx:

Last year we went to the mountains in North Carolina, where we had to wear jackets every morning.

This year, I had a painful heat rash all over my arms.

I obviously have to keep the weather in mind for next year.

Day trip over to Galveston when it was a windy, overcast day and the Gulf was stirred up:

San Antonio is a wonderful trip, a lot to do and see, the Alamo, the other four missions in the area, the hill country, Mexican food, and the River Walk! Its a good 15 degrees cooler on the River Walk!

But I might have been a little more comfortable (and spent a little less time in the outlet malls) in October.


gin said...

nice souvenirs. though i like hot weather. ya'll went a lot of places.

Shannon said...

Your vacation looks so nice! Thanks for entering the giveaway. I also have a bird pic with that phrase on it. Love it. Thanks!

Sandy said...

Looks like a great time.

Thanks for visiting me! Hope you find those clearance daisy plates - they are so cute!