Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Santa:

Yes, I know it is the middle of your summer vacation and its 114 degrees outside and no one has Christmas gift giving on their mind right now... but I thought I could catch you early to make sure you know exactly what my needs wants are:

A freezer to keep in the garage.
Since its in the garage, I dont care what it looks like so no need for a shiny brand new one when an old-used-rusty one will do just fine.

I am not really sure if that is what its called or not...Back in my day, it would be called a walk-man. Basically, I want to listen to music when walkng the dog and I want whatever that would now be called.

A bicycle.
For a little variety... one day I'll walk around the neighborhood, the next day I'll bike. I'm unpredictable like that.

I am in no way offering a bribe... but.... you might find some extra cookies when you stop by.... some extra slice and bake chocolate chip cookies.


Darlene said...

I would like one of those new Ipods that has the touch screen. But, it is almost $300!!
Maybe, by Christmas the price will come down.
Merry Christmas,

Rae said...

How could Santa refuse extra cookies?! I hope he fills your list!

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi Bobbie,

You definitely need an ipod to walk the dogs. Cute post!

gin said...

sounds like Christmas in July at your house!

Cuzn said...

Great List - Maybe Santa will fill your Christmas Stocking with items for the freezer ! ! (Merry Christmas)

ValleyGirl said...

Oh hey, put me down for an iPod too!