Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Look what I "won"!

It was fierce bidding at the annual charity auction benefiting CASA-a local Child Advocate Association ... It is so fun to "shop".... I was outbid on a number of things....but in the end, I brought home this autographed copy of a Holly Clegg cookbook!

Then I stayed up way into the night plotting and planning my new cook and freeze plans!

First up, will be the BBQ Chicken Pizza and the make your own slice and bake chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I need an extra freezer.

Is it too soon to start a Dear Santa letter?


Rae said...

Wow! much fun! Do you volunteer for CASA? I have been involved with CASA in more than one state for over 10 years now. Long story.....

Can't wait to hear how the recipes turn out!

Sharon said...

Congrats, sounds like fun as well.
yes if you don't have a big freezer you might want to get one.
hahaha.. I love making up foods and putting them in the freezer, makes life so much easier at times.

Have a great day

Darlene said...

You go to the link that has the award. Then you click on the picture and save to your file then download to your post. That is what I did. Hope this helps!

Cuzn said...

Congratulations! How exciting - and for a great cause. Holly Clegg is a great chef as well as speaker. I've had the opportunity to hear Holly Clegg at a local Women's Conference in my area. She gave her testimony and shared a cooking demo with us. It was great to hear her since she is also from my area. Your cooking abilities makes it easy for your family to decide what to give you for Christmas and Birthday! Enjoy your Cookbook -

ValleyGirl said...

OOo, looks like a great book! I have a friend who specializes in "once a month cooking" (OAMC)but I'm just not quite that organized! You can check out hre Recipezaar cookbooks here. There are several marked "OAMC."

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,

You made my day that not only have you read my Freezer Friendly cookbook but are excited about preparing recipes from it. Ironically, in my Monthly Menu newsletter (go sign up on my website I am doing the newsletter on pizza and the Barbecue Chicken Pizza is featured...a real winner...some of my favorites: Sweet Potato Praline Coffee Cake, Different Twist Pork Stew, Quick Chicken Lasagna, Crawfish Fettuccine, White Chocolate Bundt Cake and the Two Minute Banana Tiramisu never makes it to the freezer!! Remember if you cook trim & terrific, you stay trim & terific!!!! Again, thanks for your kind words and everyone elses...I hope I make a difference so you can enjoy food that is good for you!!! Holly Clegg