Monday, August 11, 2008

Me? An Award?

Darlene has given me an award! An award for inspiring others! Thank you, Darlene.

I am just so surprise to get an award! And one for inspiring others?! Me? Inspiring others? With all my talking about the yard sale finds? The half finshed house projects? The dog?

The award is given to those who inspire others with their creative energy and talents in writing, artwork, design or contributions to the blogging community. (and to the ones I am passing it onto, I would like to add.... just being generally inspiring women)

Thank you again Darlene

I now pass on the award to those who inspire me:

Aimee. Shes my cousin. I am six months older than she is..... She has eight (EIGHT!!) children, and runs an adoption ministry at her church (His Heart for Orphans) and has a sewing business and website (sew sensible). I am exausted just thinking about all she does. Seriously. I dont know how she does it all.

Tyler She is head of the Women's Ministry at her Church, and doing a wonderful (and inspiring to me) job of it. She has five kids and lately, she travels a lot. We are both big fans of Lost and, are on pins and needles waiting for it to come back on. She writes about her weight loss, her work on the ministry team and her life.... and she's pretty funny. Its just a joy to visit her, and if we lived in the same neighborhood, I know we'd be at each other's house daily.

Susie Not only is she a great source for decorating ideas and I love looking at her home.... but Susie is my neighbor, although we have yet to actually met- but we seem to be at the same stores at exactly the same time! We have a "date" at the Broadmoor Craft Festive in November. Her tassle booth is near the cafeteria, which means I will be visiting her at least 30 times each day, and if they are serving their Gumbo again this year, I may never leave her area. (School cafeterias make the best Gumbo- I didn't appericiate it when I was a kid, now... I will knock over other shoppers to get there in time for the Gumbo... and dont even start me talking about the hot rolls...Its a wonder I actually get any shopping done between my trips for Gumbo.)

To the recipients of the award...pick five blogs you consider deserving of this award, whether for creativity, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogging community, no matter what language. Name each nominee and link to his/her blog. Show the award and include the name (and link to his/her blog) of whoever presented you with this award.Link to the Arte y Pico blog so everyone knows the origin of this award. Post these rules.


Rae said...

Congratulations! I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts!!

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and your thoughtfulness. Your comment was a comfort during this difficult time, and we have reread so many for encouragement over the last weeks. Thank you.

kari & kijsa

abeachcottage said...


abeachcottage said...


Sarah said...

Congrats on your award! By the way, your meal planning for the week looks yummy!

ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

You do so TOTALLY inspire others! Congrats on the award. And thank-you. I'm humbled and blessed. Once I pick my 5 recipients, I'll get posting... :)

And you are sooooo right! If we were neighbours (notice the correct, Canadian spelling, lol), we would definitely be at each other's homes all the time! You are my favourite friend that I've never met! *hugs*

Marcia said...

Congrats on your award!

And thanks for visiting my declutter challenge. I just had a thought, I'm sending out an ezine tomorrow called Creatives! you can get organised. If you want to see it, why don't you sign up at - you can always unsubscribe after a few weeks if it's not "you" :)

Love and success
Marcia from Organising Queen

gin said...


Cuzn said...

an award - WOW Congratulations ! Be Blessed !