Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today, I:

Slept until 9:30. The last time I slept until 9:30.... well, I cant even remember the last time I slept so late. It was a long hard week, and husband and dog was in the yard leaving me a quiet house to sleep in.

Made a strawberry/blueberry smoothie for breakfast.

Unloaded dishwasher.

Picked up 8 Jambalaya plates for lunch.

Dropped off 5 Jambalaya's with my niece, who just had a baby- a little girl named Natalie.

Grocery shopped with husband.

Came home, ate lunch. Had a diet coke.

Decided to put fence in backyard where wooded area is being cleared out.

Went to work for 4 hours. Had another diet coke.

Went to JC Penny. Had a $10 off coupon that expired today. The mall was so crowded I could hardly shop.

Left with a candle that cost $2.17 after the coupon.

Looked for shoes in JC Penny and in Macys, in vain.

Stopped at Walgreens and pet store.

Came this close to paying $400 for a miniature long haired dachshund puppy. Seriously... I was this close to bringing him home. Instead, got some toys for Butch. I may still go back for him.

Watched husband grill dinner.

Made Maple- White bread. Did not go well. It saw the trash can fast.

Had another diet coke. Realized that this is my third today, and I probably wont sleep tonight.

Made Macaroni and Cheese. Hand grated the Cheddar. Another disaster. Another quick trip to trash.

Put first load of dishes in dishwasher.

Watered all plants outside.

Replaced bird food and water in bird bath.

Went to Lowes, got Planting soil, Cilantro and Lantana to plant. Husband got lumber for fence.

Made chocolate chip cookies. Ate four.

Cleaned kitchen. Put second load of dishes in dishwasher.

Watched Biggest Loser.

Thought of all the things I did not do today.... laundry, cleaning, changing sheets...


gin said...

ummm, my kind of day -- shopping, coke, coke, and coke.

E. Tyler Rowan said...

LOL! Apparently sleeping in agrees with you. Can I be naughty and totally impulsive and say that you should definitely go back and get that puppy?! :)

Pegi said...

Go and get that puppy ! - He needs a home ! What will you name him ? Butch will just have to learn to share !

Sharon said...

hahahaha sorry but I felt as though you were reading my lips, it felt like you are living around my life, hahaha. The sleeping part though I would love to sleep that long, wow rest!
Poor little puppy, he's so lonely without you!, He sounds just adorable. I love my 140lb puppy! :)
Great share
Have a Beautiful and Blessed day :)

abeachcottage said...

I'm glad to hear you slept in, oh I wish I could manage it, lately I'm awake so early

happy days, blessings