Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its been that kind of day

The kind of day where you say to yourself, I'm ready for a Diet Coke. You go to the fridge to get one, open it and leave it sitting somewhere around the house. When your ready for more, you cant remember if you originally got one or not, so you go to the fridge and get another. Only to leave it sitting somewhere, forgotten. Then, because you cant remember doing the exact same thing twice before, you do the whole thing over. Then you find three cold Diet Cokes sitting in various spots in the house.  At least I think it was only three. Hopefully there is not another cold one hanging out I have not found yet.  I did have the good sense to line them up by the fridge so I'll see them when I decide I want another sip and go to open my fourth (or is it fifth?) one.