Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend accomplishments

Weekend news item number one:

Decided the Thanksgiving party at work will get something I'm already proficient at ......cookies. 

Made oatmeal raisin, Paula Deen's three chocolate chip/Heath bar, and Brown Sugar cookies.

All frozen for quick cooking Thursday night (my own slice and bake version), and I'll add the brownie cookies Thursday night too.

I'm still considering the addition of some kind of pecan recipe...... or maybe I'll just buy a pumpkin pie?

Weekend news item number two:

Look who got a sassy new short 'do.

Weekend news item number three:

Its 9 days until my Thanksgiving mini-vacation/shopping excursion to Gulf Shores.

Its 40 days until Christmas.


gin said...

the new doggie do is cute. I'm jealous of your mini vaca/holiday/shopping spree in 9 days.

Pegi said...

I love this time of the year - The calendar fills up so quickly ! But it also goes by so quickly - Enjoy your 'vacation'! Weather will probably be sunny and warm!