Friday, November 2, 2012


what I wore
jeans from Banana Republic
Isaac Mizrahi loafers
purple cardi from NY and Company
leopard print ruffle sleeveless from Limited (via my favorite consignment store for $7)
dark green pulcati bag
I had a headache all afternoon because I missed my afternoon coffee and  when I realized, it was too late to do anything else about it.

A few other interesting things about today

I've gotten into the habit of cooking a great deal on the weekends and not so much on the weekdays. This means I now come home Friday evening, make a grocery list, then head back out with big plans in my head. This weekend we are having, baked chicken with glazed carrots, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and corn, chicken chili, orange crunch salad and chicken pot pie.

I also have some buttermilk in the fridge. I need to find something to bake before it expires. That means there will be baking this weekend at my house too.

I got a blog award!! Thank you Jennie! Now... to think up 11 things you don't know about me and then pass the award on! (this might be difficult!)

I have a new favorite magazine: People Style Watch. I would have never picked it up had it not been recommended by Carly. Now I love it. I'm thinking about subscribing, I love it so much. I'm attempting to save it for vacation reading during Thanksgiving, but, realistically, its not going to happen. I might start reading it tonight.

When I was grabbing my frozen fruit from Walmart, I saw Banana Dippers. I'm a pushover for new products. I thought it might be better to snack on bananas covered in chocolate instead of peanut butter covered in chocolate Halloween candy Ive been eating all this week.

Speaking of frozen fruit, I've got my Saturday morning breakfast planned. I'm defrosting some fruit for my vanilla yogurt. Doesn't that sound delicious? I'm trying to trick myself into not going to Burger King like Ive been doing for Saturday breakfast for the last month. I am obsessed with the mini cinnabons.

Guess what I'm doing here? A side by side taste test is planned. I'll keep you informed.

A little footnote to my 31 days of Simple Organization: Alejandra Costello has a new video on YouTube about affordable organizing products that I really enjoyed and highly recommend.

I adopted a new child today. I could'nt help myself.  My first child- Joseph- aged out of the program. he is now in "college" in Uganda, which I think is basically what we would call high school.  So, I had a spot I knew I had to fill.  My goal is to have so many that I am broke and the inside of my kitchen cabinets are full (where I hang the pictures). I never pick the child, I just let Compassion International send me the child that has been waiting the longest. That way, its always a surprise and I pray its an answered prayer for the child. Today, Christabel showed up in my mailbox with a nice little note saying, that although she looks like a boy, its common in her village for the adults to dress the little girls like boys too, and she is really a girl. She also lives with ther aunt and two other girls.  Im very excited!

Happy friday!


gin said...

Congrats on your new "daughter"!! You look great . And I also have a love affair with BK Cinnabon, though I been told I could bake the Pillsbury ones at home and every one could enjoy.

gin said...

Congrats on your new "daughter"!! You look great . And I also have a love affair with BK Cinnabon, though I been told I could bake the Pillsbury ones at home and every one could enjoy.

Jessi said...

Love your cardigan, and that is so sweet of you too help out those poor children! I'm sure they appreciate it more than they could ever tell you!

H said...

Love that cardigan! I LOVE People Stylewatch. I bought it first because it had Emma Stone on the cover but I'm obsessed. I love that they give you discount codes!

Pam said...

Bobbie, thank you so much for your 31 days of organization posts. I also love to organize, and you had some great tips that I hadn't thought of! You posted every single day, too!! Kudos!