Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 days of simple organization::Day 1: What do you want to improve and why?


Find your reason to choose organization and work toward it.

My reason? I'm always interested in choosing better time management, choosing peace and quiet, and choosing to get out of the house without too much of  a meltdown every morning. (And having things run smoothly just makes me happy and feel better.)
But my choices wont be your choices.  So, why do you want to get more organized?  Better use of space? Time management? Less stress? Desk or car or kitchen is out of control? Emotions frazzled? Have guest coming next month? Want to have people over unexpectedly without apologizing about your house or car? Its impossible to get dressed in the mornings and out of the house on time? Want some peace and quiet in your thoughts? There are important things to add to your schedule? Sleep easier? You don't know where things are? Want a calmer home? You want more free time? Cant think straight with disorganization all around? Want a better environment? Eat better? Want to be more productive? Avoid being on that TV show Hoarders? Want to present a better image? A simple lifestyle? Want to find your keys every day?  Want a promotion or a big assignment?
Day 1: decide what you want to improve and why.
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Day 17: Organized to encourage
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Unknown said...

haha I feel like I desperately need to get more organized for all of those reasons! Seriously, it's ridiculous how much stress my disorganization adds to my life, but also how HARD it is for me to be/stay even a little organized! Cant wait to read the rest of your series

gin said...

I want and need to improve everything that has to do with groceries - grocery shopping, stocking pantry , grocery shopping list. Every single thing . I hate grocery shopping . Therefore I am not good at it and I think there should be a better way than how I attempt it. Maybe a Simple organized way?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I work (and shop) 45 minutes from home, so this is gonna be a huge stress reliever!