Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly wrap up

Had a wonderful five day weekend thanks to working in an office that takes Mardi Gras very seriously. I was so relaxed, it was Wednesday before I realized Valentine's day was Thursday and I had done exactly zero to prepare.

That meant Wednesday lunch hour was spent running crazy errands here, there and everywhere and to Whole Foods.  That was the place to be on the day before Valentine's day. There were free samples of everything you could think of, including steak, chicken, cheese and chocolate covered strawberries. I just walked around happily sampling and visiting with everyone with a food tray. It was delicious. I was particularly impressed with the heart shaped goat cheese appetizer in a heart shaped wood bowl. I finally settled on chicken breast and salad materials.

I really want to like Julep Nail Polish. It has such nice colors (this one is "Sasha"). Despite the very disappointing week I had with it the last time I tried it, I gave it one more test drive. I used base coat and top coat and in less than two days, it was horribly chipped.  I'm sorry Julep but this is goodbye.

Almost the entire long weekend, it was chilly, grey and raining. It was perfect weather for the whole house to stay in PJs and relax. Butch particularly enjoyed it.  The afternoon this photo was snapped, I had taken his blanket away from him to wash.  When he got the clean, nice smelling blanket back, he immediately cuddled up with a smile on his little face and went back to sleep.

My husband knows I love roses and I've always gotten them three times a year, my birthday, our anniversary and Valentine's day.  This year, I asked him not to send me flowers to work because they are just so expensive.  But was very happy to find this (cheaper) bouquet on the kitchen island at 6:00a Valentine morning.

Why is a short week at work always the most stressful? It was so frustrating, I felt I needed to visit the pizza truck for medication four cheese pizza.  The guy who owns the truck is from Romania and he somehow built a wood burning stone pizza oven on a food truck and he parks it in front of my building every Friday. I limit myself to one slice once or twice a month, and today was the day.


gin said...

what a nice week you had! hope your weekend is just as nice.

Dani (HeadedForTheFuture) said...

I really like that shade of polish!