Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure

NaBloPoMo April 2013I think its no secret I prefer dark nails and lips, and its no secret it is not the freshest, most up to date look.

Because it's April and Spring is here and both of the books I've been reading (How not to look old and  7 years Younger plan) say to avoid it, I am attempting to change my dark polish loving ways.

 So far,  Sally Hansen "Pink Pong" is my new favorite. It has a slight pink tone but its still a nude. And Sally Hansen polish last for a good 6 to 7 days with no chips or touch ups needed. Its on the high end of the drug store polish prices at $6.99 a bottle.

Wet 'n Wild polish is only $1.99 a bottle, which makes trying a lot of different colors less painful. Its also surprising good quality and last for a good 5 to 6 days. This is my favorite from that line- "private viewing". It has a more tan undertone, although it looked more pink in the bottle.

I've also tried Wet 'n Wild in "undercover", which gets rave reviews from the high school girls at church. They call it " a dark nude", and it the darkest of the light shades I've tried. This color is sticking around simply for that reason. If high school girls think its cool, then I'm pretty sure its fresh for Spring and in style.

What polish are you liking?

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