Thursday, October 10, 2013

look what I got at TJ Maxx

Today is National Handbag Day!! (yes, really) I celebrate each year and typically buy one nice (read: expensive) purse each fall, but I don't go crazy with it. But I still follow this reasoning.... Three reasons you don't want that bag under $50 and three ways to get a good bag without paying an arm and a leg here

The last few years I've bought it from the same TJ Maxx about 45 minutes from me, where they seem to have the nicest selection and I pay about 1/3 the price anywhere else.

This Fall, I fell in love with a Calvin Klein orange number. I hesitated. I took this picture in the store, thought about it but couldn't leave without it.  (I've figured out that you have to buy it when you see it because it wont be there when you come back)

Then! I came home and saw my new purse's cousin (obviously from the same Calvin Klein purse line)  in the latest In Style magazine, which made me even happier!  


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gin said...

Of course your In Style.
I love the way you shop.