Friday, October 11, 2013

Week in Review

I love Lara Casey. I am slowly buying everything in her shop. This is my latest.

A nice dinner with a little surprise gift from my friend for no reason. It makes me very happy.

The $7.99 lilies from Whole Foods lasted about 10 days. Here they are fully open. Sadly, all the petals fell off the next day. But they had a great run.

Butch's nightly run in the field. My plan to wear him out so I can sleep all night is working.

Proof that Fall has arrived. The first leaf has fallen in my yard.

Bible Study notes to remember.

Perhaps the best thing that happened to me this week.... dining room curtains finally arrived and were installed. I cant stop staring. I love them.

A morning hot coffee instead of a cold one is further proof that Fall is here.

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