Sunday, July 28, 2013

What perfume did you get married in?

I got married in my favorite perfume, Amazing Grace by Philosophyand if I had to describe it, I'd say its distinctive, clean and sweet and smells similar to soap and water, like you just got out of a shower, but a little sweeter.   I've worn this for more than 15 years, and I know it so well, I can tell when I smell it on other women wearing it. This is also the perfume I get complimented on the most. (I also regularly wear Falling in Love also by Philosophy, which is similar but a little sweeter and reminds me of cotton candy.) 

I bet people getting married in this scent skyrocketed when it was  reported that Kate Middleton (Duchess Catherine) got married wearing illuminum White Gardenia PetalsIt wasn't sold in the USA until last year and then at only one place (here), but I hear rumors that Ulta or Sephora will have it by the end of this year. Until then, I ordered two "samples" on line. Its very sweet and a lot stronger than I expected. A little goes a long way. It claims to last twice as long as other perfumes. I've only worn it once or twice, Its not as soap and water smelling as my favorite and it probably will not replace my favorite scent but I will certainly try a bottle when it comes out (or will make it a Christmas gift since it is a little price-er than my usual).

What scent did you get married in?


gin said...

I like all things about Kate. My wedding day perfume was Charlie. That was back in the day, like 39 years ago. I have some Charlie now, and I now wear a few Victoria Secrets scents. I like the clean soft scents too.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I got married wearing Channel's Chance. I simply adore this perfume. But recently, my husband told me he didn't like the floral scents I've been wearing, like Chance, and he preferred the cleaner scents like Cool Water. Guess I'm in the market for a non-floral perfume to make him happy!